You’ve heard of the spray on tan, but what about a whole new spray on skin? Well, that’s exactly what the engineers at RenovaCare have been working on.

The novel technology, dubbed the ‘SkinGun’, starts with a short hospital procedure lasting just an hour and a half. Taking a small skin sample, a specialist team set about extracting a patient’s own stem cells. The device then disperses cells into a fine mist, healing burns and wounds fast and scar-free.

A far cry from painful, intrusive grafts, stem cell technologies offer a much quicker recovery time for a variety of skin injuries. The current ‘gold standard’ therapy sees droplets of cells pipetted onto the injury. Providing they survive the journey, stem cells grow rapidly, repairing the damaged area.

RenovaCare’s ‘SkinGun’ instead offers a speedy, yet gentle, alternative. Instead of squirting cells onto the area like a water pistol, the gun’s nozzle fans droplets into a fine mist. A study of the new tech measured over 20,000 droplets in an 8cm patch of skin. This is more than 200 times the coverage of the pipette method.

In order for skin regeneration to be effective, as many cells as possible must stay alive and ‘viable’ throughout. The spray from the SkinGun has proved so gentle that more than 97% of cells remain viable after spraying.

So confident are the team in their innovation that they have patented their ‘liquid-into-air’ system. This will protect their unique design until at least 2035. The radical spray device, however, is still young. In its experimental phase, the spray is undergoing several tests. The team are looking for the optimal droplet size and distribution, as well as spray speed. The studies also aim to assess the most important factors in human skin regeneration. This includes perfecting the collection and preservation of cells and monitoring activity and growth after treatment.

Once ready for clinical trials, the finished product will take aim at the $45billion wound-care market in the US. With faster and virtually painless healing, medical bills could be drastically reduced, and the applications of the technology endless.
Please note the video below contains images of burn victims.

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