This zip file contains an A6 postcard featuring our short story and can be used as a handout at events or given to stakeholders at meetings, helping people to further share the story of the QEPrize.

There is a version of this postcard ready for professional printing in Design Resources at the bottom of this page.



Artwork for a banner to use at events, exhibitions etc. The banner is 2000mm x 850mm and needs to be fitted to a banner stand, but could also be used as a very large poster. This file can be used by a printer to produce the banner.

Banner (zip)

Brochure 2013/2014

This file contains the artwork for the QEPrize brochure 2013/2014 giving an overview of the first prize cycle and the winners. For general distribution and use at events.

QEPrize Brochure 2013/2014