People across the world see one of the most important roles of engineering as inspiring new innovations that can change and improve society around us.

Paul Westbury, Group Technical Director of Laing O’Rourke explained how the innovative nature of engineers is not only helping to drive economic growth, but to change perceptions. “Engineers are increasingly seen as smart, creative and sociable people who are well connected with the world around them,” he said. “A welcome shift from the dated stereotypes of the past!”

Throughout August we will be uncovering just such innovations and the creative spirits that are helping to bring them to life.

Launching our theme this month, Dr Stephen Hicks talks to us about the challenges behind his innovation, Smart Specs. Oxsight, a spin out from the University of Oxford, is working on sight-enhancing technologies to improve the quality of life for bling and partially sighted people around the world.

Next up, we take a look at the engineering designs that are making our lives easier, from disaster-relief robots right through to stairs that put a spring in your step!

Amongst our guest bloggers this month, we find out what aerospace manufacturing and luxury chocolates have in common; how our windows could help power our homes; and what it feels like to hold your heart in your hands.

Also in August, we will be celebrating the work of two ground-breaking roboticists with the release of our latest video, “Driving Curiosity with Autonomous Systems”. In an interview with Director of the QEPrize, Keshini Navaratnam, these inspirational engineers discuss the future of robotics, the making of Bionic Woman and designing Mars Rovers.

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