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Over the years, drones have gained popularity in the engineering and construction industry. Small and simple to fly, drones can quickly snap photos from every angle, giving a bird’s eye view of inaccessible areas. But thousands of photos are meaningless without the right tools to manage them. Drone mapping technology, or ‘photogrammetry’, helps make this task easier by converting drone photos into a 3D model. However, having only the 3D model is still not practical in most engineering work, especially in infrastructure inspection and maintenance. Trik is a specialised system, creating a 3D database. This allows engineering companies to make the most of their drone data.

With hundreds of drone mapping and 3D modelling technologies on the market, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Trik is a unique software package that assists from the start to the end. We help in collecting, screening, and labeling big data, in a way that no other software can. Our system is powered by state-of-the-art technology, but our unique value lies in the intuitive, easy to use interface. This enables even inexperienced users to exploit the full benefits of the technology with minimal training.

Trik controls drone flight and generates a 3D model of the building, or other infrastructure being inspected, in real time. Operators can annotate the 3D model with photographs and notes, or command the drone to take a closer look by clicking directly on the generated 3D model. Not only does our technology help make drone maneuvering easy, but it aims to make the most of the data collected.

Trik is built with an algorithm that captures the very best data. It can effectively convert live-feed photos from drones into mind-blowing and interactive 3D models in real time. That’s not all. Our system screens only the best photos and effectively maps them right onto the 3D model.

Users can later leverage the generated model as a ‘file directory’, making it easier to search and compare photographs. The system also allows users to easily compare changes and create inspection reports directly on the model itself. The 3D annotation can later be converted into a printable paper report. This helps save time and ease the transition of people into a 3D digital world.

With big data becoming a necessity, especially given the steady advancement in AI and other technology, people try to collect more and more data. The difficult part is how to label and utilise the massive amounts of information they collected. Because we use a 3D, location-based data structure, once one defect is identified, Trik can automatically identify and label the same defect in all pictures from the database. As a result, inspectors save up to 90% of the office hours that would otherwise be required to label each photo manually.

At Trik, we want to make it cheaper and easier to inspect infrastructure. We are looking forward to the day all structures are digitised and only require preventive maintenance.

Pae Natwilai

Pae Natwilai

Founder and CEO at TRIK
Pae is the founder and CEO of Trik, a drone mapping and 3D reporting software for structural inspection. Pae is known for her unique approach in using a user-centred design for technology innovation. She won the Women in Innovation Award for Trik and was shortlisted for the 2017 Design Innovation Award for the disruptive way she came up with a new drone controller system.
Pae Natwilai

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