With its hilly location in south-west England and World Heritage status, development projects in Bath must contend with many practical and regulatory challenges. In our upcoming project, young people reject all the rules to commit heritage heresy and re-imagine a future city where absolutely anything is possible.

Heritage Heresy’ is an exciting weekend event being held for local young people aged 10-13 in Bath later this year. They will join up with real engineers, architects and city planners to think about the built environment around them and create new visions of Bath.

Young participants will learn about city of Bath and its significant areas through an open top bus tour, before starting the city again from scratch. Teams will create visions that work for both visitors and residents, including aspects they think important or beneficial and making use of the geographical features around Bath.

Anything goes and participants will have free reign to design whatever their imagination takes them to. It could be a new way of travelling, a different approach to building homes for everyone, or ideas for better ways to use the natural environment. Unlike the professionals, our young engineers will be unhindered by rule books and red tape!

Taking place on 21 October, designers will discover key engineering and architectural concepts and learn about current and historical challenges as they re-imagine their city. Working with engineers and architects, the weekend will demonstrate just how often we interact with the results of everyday engineering without even realising.

‘Heritage Heresy’ aims to build a greater understanding of what engineers do. Activities will highlight the importance of creativity and imagination in engineering and we hope to increase awareness of, and enthusiasm for, engineering careers. It is also a chance for engineers to learn from young people; to find out what interests them about engineering and what barriers prevent them engaging with it as a subject.

At the end of the weekend, the city’s new blueprints will be exhibited to the public in the Museum of Bath Architecture for two weeks. Who knows, maybe some of their ideas will be put into practice!

Participants’ families will be invited to attend the exhibition launch, promoting inter-generational sharing; young people will hold the keys to the future, while older generations retain a greater knowledge of the city’s past. We hope this will create enriching conversations about engineering that will contribute to the science capital of the whole family!

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