Dr Robert Langer, winner of the 2015 QEPrize returns to speak in the UK for the first time since receiving his award. Book now to see him discuss the world’s biggest engineering challenges with some of the world’s leading engineers!

Last year’s Create the Future report highlighted the call for engineers to lead the way in solving the world’s biggest problems. The key challenges that the report identified include tackling climate change, providing healthcare for an ageing population and securing the world’s energy supply. Our panel of expert engineers will take a look at what steps their profession must take to meet the public’s high expectations.

During the event our panel will explore some of the new and novel approaches that engineers are already undertaking, and give their thoughts on the changing role of engineering in tomorrow’s world.

Dr Robert Langer won the 2015 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering for his ground-breaking work at the forefront of chemical engineering.  Dr Langer was the first person to engineer polymers to control the delivery of large molecular weight drugs for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and mental illness. Over 2 billion lives have been improved worldwide by the technologies that Dr Langer’s lab has created.

Accompanying Dr Langer on the panel is Ilya Marotta, Executive Vice President of Engineering on the Panama Canal expansion project.  Ilya has 20 years of experience working on the canal and is the only woman to take the top post in the canal’s 100-year history.  Arguable the most ambitious feat of modern engineering, Ilya has headed up not only the canal’s physical expansion but investments, construction and purchasing on the canal. In 2014, she was awarded the ‘Outstanding Woman of the Year’ award by the Panamanian Association of Business Executives. She is also recognised by Forbes Magazine of Mexico as one of the 50 most powerful women in Central America.

Journalist, broadcaster and author, Alok Jha, will be moderating the discussion before opening the floor to questions. After studying for an undergraduate degree in physics, Alok turned towards a career in science journalism, working as a reporter at a science policy magazine before joining the Guardian newspaper. He is now the science correspondent for ITV News, and author of The Water Book: the Extraordinary Story of Our Most Ordinary Substance.

Challenging Engineers: a call to tomorrow’s problem solvers is a free event, but registration is necessary to reserve your place.  The event will take place at 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1 on 3 October 2016.

Book here to reserve a place!

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