The QEPrize Global Engineering Ambassadors Network is an international network of young engineers from both business and academic institutions.  During the first two QEPrize cycles, early- and mid-career UK-based engineers were involved in all Prize-related activities. They acted as evangelists for engineering, engaging with teachers, parents, schoolchildren, politicians and journalists about their work and why engineering is such an important profession.

Our UK Ambassadors played a vital role in growing national recognition of the prize, a success that the Global Ambassadors Network hopes to build on internationally.

The Network aims to develop into a community where the engineering Ambassadors will be invited to participate in prestigious QEPrize activities, attend international conferences and be provided a platform to promote their work. As engineering role models, they will connect with peers from different disciplines, in different areas of the world, with the goal of promoting engineering and the objectives of the QEPrize.

QEPrize Ambassadors must be graduate students or early-career engineers (either apprentices or engineering graduates) with less than 20 years’ experience.  

Become a QEPrize Ambassador and:

  • Network with like minded engineers from around the world
  • Promote engineering to young people in schools and colleges to inspire the next generation of engineers
  • Attend prestigious QEPrize events
  • Benefit from mentorship opportunities from leading engineers


Here are some of our current engineering ambassadors:

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