A Month of Making

Welcome to A Month of Making - a month dedicated to sustainability, creativity and handmade Christmas gifts. From 15 November to 19 December 2021, we will be releasing a series of instructional DIY gift-making videos, created by makers from the world of STEM, featuring a variety of handmade models, machines, games and toys to help inspire your creativity this Christmas.

Prize draw

We have ten copies of the book "Mr Shaha’s Marvellous Machines" by Alom Shaha to give away to ten lucky makers! To enter the prize draw, create a handmade Christmas gift, take a photo or video of the finished product and post it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #AMonthOfMaking between 15 November and 19 December 2021. Ten winners will be picked at random to receive a copy of the book.

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Dave Adkins - Slingshot

Dave Adkins video long cut 00 06 25 19 Still001
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QEPrize Ambassador Dave Adkins demonstrates how to make a rubber band slingshot, with a Christmas tree target.

Larissa Suzuki - Mars rover

Larissa with Subs 2 00 06 15 05 Still001
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Make a balloon-powered Mars Rover with QEPrize Ambassador Larissa Suzuki.

Mark Miodownik - Pewter casting

Pewter casting 2 camera 00 17 52 05 Still002
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Materials expert Mark Miodownik demonstrates how to use molten pewter to cast small objects that would make great Christmas gifts.

Craig and Rebecca Struthers - Zoetrope

Zoetrope Edit 00 06 04 09 Still001
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Make your very own animation machine, called a zoetrope, with watchmaking duo Craig and Rebecca Struthers.

Beth Fitzpatrick - Candy canes

Beth Monthof Making v1 00 03 50 11 Still002
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QEPrize Ambassador Beth Fitzpatrick demonstrates how to make homemade candy canes, with a sprinkling of systems engineering.

Sarah Kuklewicz - Pom pom snowman

Microsoft Teams image 9
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Join Sarah Kuklewicz from the Brunel Museum to make a pompom snowman using some cardboard and yarn.

Suze Kundu - Hot chocolate bombs

Month of Making 1 00 07 35 10 Still004
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Suze Kundu shows us how to make a delicious chocolatey treat that your friends and family will love.

Stephanie Houser - Pulley system

Stephanie Houser M O Making video 00 07 00 19 Still002
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QEPrize Ambassador Stephanie Houser demonstrates how to make a pulley snack delivery system using simple materials.

Marisa Giannasi - Crochet coasters

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Master a new craft and learn to make this crochet coaster! Follow along with Marisa Giannasi as she breaks down the steps.

Hannah Joshua - Lolly stick catapult

Month of making Hannah catapult 00 05 11 23 Still002
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Create a catapult with special effects technician Hannah, using lolly sticks and string!

Sai Pathmanathan - Teeny Automaton

Sai Pathmanathan Teeny Automaton 00 00 00 00 Still001
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Make a tiny automaton with Sai Pathmanathan - a miniature machine that fits in a handy gift box!

Ruth Amos - Salt dough decorations

Microsoft Teams image 6
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Create your own Christmas decorations using salt dough! Simple to make and fun to decorate - Ruth Amos shows us how it's done.

Katie Steckles - Braid

Katie S
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Mathematician Katie Steckles shows how to create a braid, which you could make into a bracelet, keyring or even a bow for Christmas wrapping.

Matt Pritchard - Concertina illusion card

Makingmonth illusioncard 1 00 00 19 06 Still0038
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Science magician Dr Matt Pritchard demonstrates how to make a photo illusion card using a concertina folding method.

Duncan Yellowlees - Christmas wobbler

Duncan 00 00 05 06 Still001
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Make a Christmas wobbler with Duncan Yellowlees! This make uses a simple pendulum made out of a paper cup and a straw.

London Play - Musical Instruments

Paul H
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Paul Hocker from London Play explains how to make some simple musical instruments using things you will find around your home.

Renée Watson - Fizzing Christmas tree

Renee 00 03 31 22 Still001
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Impress your loved ones with this fun fizzing Christmas tree, as demonstrated by explosions expert Renée Watson.

Millie Heather - Infinity photo cube

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Follow along with Millie Heather to create an infinity photo cube - a great personalised gift for loved ones.

Hana Ayoob - Decorative mobile

Hana Ayoob thumbnail
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Hana Ayoob demonstrates how to make a decorative mobile using a stick, some cardboard and some string.

Fran Scott - Snot slime

Fran Scott
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Engineering presenter and pyrotechnician Fran Scott explains how to mix up a pot of festive snot slime - the perfect gruesome gift!

Alom Shaha - Sinkeroo game

Sinkeroo thumbnail
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Physics teacher and author Alom Shaha demonstrates how to make a fun and educational game called Sinkeroo.