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Become a QEPrize Ambassador to join a global network of engineers working to inspire the next generation.

The QEPrize Ambassador Network brings together the best and brightest early career engineers from all fields around the world, who work to inspire the next generation to follow in their footsteps. Our ambassadors represent 14 countries, over 90 different companies, and all corners of the engineering profession.

The network empowers young engineers by developing a range of transferable skills that enrich their professional and personal lives. It gives them the opportunity to learn from business leaders and other network members, and it provides a platform for them to collaborate internationally.

QEPrize ambassadors also benefit from a dynamic events programme that ranges from practical projects and volunteering initiatives through to more formalised workshops. The programme is designed to help ambassadors showcase the best of engineering, excite the public about the profession, and inspire younger generations to take up the challenges of the future.

To find out more about the network, you can visit the ambassador blog or follow us on social media. To inquire about how the Ambassador Network can benefit your employees, please get in touch via [email protected]

Application criteria

There are no upper or lower limits to age and the network welcomes applicants from any engineering background or pathway. However, ambassadors must be early on in their careers with a maximum of 10 years' engineering experience.

The key traits that the prize looks for are excellence in one's professional field, motivation to share one's work with others, and the ability to talk about engineering both articulately and passionately.

Applications must be submitted through our online application form.

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