Engineering is hardwired into us. From the earliest times, people have worked to shape the world around them and improve their lives through engineering. The benefits are obvious and the impact incalculable. Everything we take for granted, from medicine to telecommunications, from computing to aviation, owes its very existence to engineers. It is obvious to me that the symbiotic relationship between science and engineering will define the future of the global economy, and on a wider scale, the future of our civilisation, just as it defined our past. ”

Professor Brian Cox

Create the Trophy 2013

The QEPrize promotes and celebrates the story of modern engineering. It requires a trophy that embodies the spirit of modern engineering and the values of the QEPrize.

We gave young people with interests in science, engineering, design, art and architecture the opportunity to design the trophy for the QEPrize by entering the ‘Create the Trophy’ competition.

Using the latest programming and design technology we built a unique digital application to design, build and create the trophy for the QEPrize. The top entries were 3D-printed into prototypes to allow the judges to view the creations with their designers before selecting the winner.

The Create the Trophy event was held at the Science Museum on Wednesday 5 December and the winner is 17-year-old Jennifer Leggett from Tonbridge, with her beautifully designed tree-like structure.

Her design was selected by our distinguished panel of judges: Dame Zaha Hadid, Sir Nicholas Serota, Ian Blatchford, Deyan Sudjic and Yewande Akinola.

The final trophy was presented by the Queen to the winners of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering at Buckingham Palace in June 2013.