About the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Dimitar belchev t Fl g Ef T Mbs unsplash

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a global £1 million prize that celebrates a ground-breaking innovation in engineering. The prize rewards an individual or team of engineers whose work has had a major impact on humanity.

While doing so, the prize also celebrates engineering as a discipline and career choice, shining light on the excitement and importance of engineering and inspiring young people to get involved in the subject.

The fruits of engineering range from nano-scale devices that get medicines to where they are needed in the body to the world’s biggest – and greenest – buildings; from the pinpoint accuracy of surgical robots to the growth and development of the world wide web. From hi-tech fabrics that make the smart clothes of the future to clean, green energy sources that power the world.

The QEPrize celebrates stories of these engineering successes, raising the profile of engineering and inspiring new generations of engineers to take up the challenges of the future.

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