Larissa Suzuki

Computing & communications

Larissa Suzuki

Larissa is a passionate neurodiverse computer scientist, chartered engineer, author, entrepreneur, and inventor and a philanthropist. She has 17+ years of industry experience. Larissa is a technical director at Google’s Office of the CTO, and her continuing academic work is based at UCL where she serves as an Honorary Associate Professor in Computer Science. She also serves as a guest Lecturer at Harvard University and Oxford University and is an Associate Professor at University of Quebec.

Larissa was formerly Director of Product Management at Oracle, Head of Data Science for Founders4Schools, and. held a senior appointment within the UK Government, and prior to that, she worked at ARUP, IBM, University Labs (UCL, MIT, Lancaster, USP), and the Bank of Brazil.

Larissa has received awards from Google, ACM, Intel, Microsoft, MIT, Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation and McKinsey & Co among others for her contribution to industry and international science. Since 2002 she has been actively working towards increasing the representation of women in engineering.

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