Susan McDonald

Power, Utilities, and Renewables

Susan Mc Donald Headshot

Susan is an award-winning Electrical and Mechanical Engineer with over 13 years’ experience in designing and overseeing major engineering infrastructure programmes in the electrical power, utilities, and renewables sector. She is the Energy Transition Lead within Deloitte’s UK Sustainability & Climate Strategy team. In her role she enables clients to design and develop credible energy transition plans from grid design to offshore wind. Susan joined Deloitte in 2016, after six years at National Grid. Amongst her responsibilities there, she led the coordination of 12 UK Offshore Wind Projects.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Susan supported the UK Government’s response. Spearheading accessibility and usability improvements to the COVID-19 home testing service for those with visual impairments through the adoption of a co-design approach with key charity partners.

Susan is a passionate advocate for inspiring, engaging and empowering the next generation of engineers and technologists. She is particularly committed to the advancement of women in engineering and celebrating diversity of thought and skills.

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