Alicja Lenkiewicz

Finalist: 2022 QEPrize Trophy

Alicja Lenkiewicz

I am 17 years old and currently in the 3rd grade of secondary school with an extended program of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. In my spare time, I visit a local atelier where drawing classes are held or I work as a tutor.

In the design world, I love the ability to express myself in every possible way. When I was a little child, I spent time sewing, embroidering, and knitting. As I grew up I found new forms: drawing, painting, sculpture, and jewellery making. Then I started immersing myself into the digital world.

My inspiration may be described with three phrases: a chessman, a castle, and crown jewels. I live in a city where Nicolaus Copernicus observed and measured the sky from the local castle. The thing that has stuck in my head during visits to the castle was the diamond vault in one of the main chambers. I was delighted and decided that it would be a perfect idea to include it in my design. I experimented while creating designs. I found that the overlapping elements give the impression of cut gemstones as royal jewels that I remember from my trip to the Tower of London. The chessman represents my attitude towards engineering. Just like in chess, every move is a step to achieve the goal. Engineering is the measure that will provide a solution. However, sometimes we discover new opportunities by making another step. This is the beauty of engineering.

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