Bram Soepenberg

My name is Bram Soepenberg and I just turned 17. I am Dutch, but I live with my family in Germany and also go to school there. Currently, I am in the first year of my A-Levels at the “Gymnasium“ (secondary school). After graduation, I want to study Industrial Design Engineering. Besides school, I work at the cinema and spend my free time practicing judo, reading books or designing/building something new. I am also very into 3D printing and spend a lot of time making things with it.

The inspiration behind my design came from a hexagon and was shaped like a honeycomb. I was looking for something rather simple, like a single shape. A shape that has something to do with engineering. The hexagon was the first thing that came up to my mind. Its structure can be found in almost every area of engineering, e.g., in chemical, mechanical and civil engineering. Thinking of a hexagonal structure/pattern, I came up with the idea of forming the trophy as a piece of honeycomb. A honeycomb has a lot to do with engineering, because bees were one of the first engineers on earth (since they have existed for more than 100 million years). The different thicknesses I added to the hexagons should make the trophy look more interesting.

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