Ebénézer Favi

I am a student and I study electronic and computer maintenance. I decided to participate in the contest because I have always loved everything related to design, and I plan to become an engineer later.

In design, I like the fact that all the accomplishments are the fruit of my imagination. I can create what I want and let my imagination express itself freely.

This trophy symbolizes engineering that lasts in time and space. I had the idea of ​​making a trophy of this shape because engineering has always been at the centre of the development of our civilizations from prehistory to the modern era. The main forms of this trophy are the hourglass and the gears, all supported by pillars on a base; each having a specific meaning. The hourglass is the emblematic figure of time and symbolizes engineering in time. As for the gears, they symbolize engineering itself. As far as the base is concerned, it represents the science, the design and craftsmanship which are the practical dimensions of engineering.

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