Enxi Hong

What are you studying?

I am a student in Germany, I came to Germany 6 years ago. I am from China, learned German for a year and go to school here. This year, I will do my A-level. I want to study computer science or international business or mathematics.

What is the inspiration behind your design?

The inspiration behind my design is life. I wanted to create something which is vivid and I thought about trees. Trees grow, they are vivid and are a sign of life. I used wedges and a single hexahedron to connect them to form a "Sigma sign"-looking piece and built the trees with those "Sigma signs". They reminded me about math. Their curves also make the trees look natural.

How would it feel to win the competition and have your design transformed into a piece of engineering history?

I would be really happy and very proud. Because this is an international competition and people worldwide, younger and older who have same interest as me have competed with me. I would consider engineering as a career.

How has the competition influenced your opinion of engineering?

The competition influenced my opinion of engineering, because I realized that engineering means more than just building machines, cars and planes. It also means creativity, art and bringing ideas to life.

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