Luka Vukovic

What are you studying?

I'm Luka Vukovic, a 24 years old IT Academy student from Montenegro. Before entering my current studies I used to sail after graduating from Nautical School. After 3 years of experience in working as a 3rd nautical officer, I decided to stop so I can pursue studies in a field that interests me the most – architectural design.

What was the inspiration behind your design?

My goal was to create a model of a trophy with simple powerful design, but also with a sense of modern age.

Which areas of engineering do you find most interesting?

I am interested in pursuing architectural field studies which I believe would provide me with exceptional expertise and experience that could easily be implemented to my future career and be highly beneficial to it as well.

How would it feel to win the competition and have your design transformed into a piece of engineering history?

It would be such an honor to be part of history. Getting this award would give me the support to progress better and faster in the field of engineering.

What advice would you give to other designers thinking of entering the competition next year?

My message to future designers entering the competition would be that even though you need to follow some rules, don’t let them completely shape the way of expressing yourself. Whenever you do, do it according to your own vision, not someone's sense of beauty or ugliness. Everyone has a different style and therefore you have to satisfy your own feelings, not other's.

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