Mario Elias

I’m currently a high school senior with an engineering endorsement. I plan to attend college and get a mechanical engineering degree and potentially an aerospace one as well. One of my goals is to work for Nasa or any other large aerospace company.

I love the fact that through design, anything could be made. All the mental images and ideas could be brought to existence by designing it for others to see. Without design, most things would not have been perfected if they were never visualized and made.

The inspiration behind my design was a bubble blowing stick because I liked the idea that a simple stick could make such a unique bubble and sometimes fail which is normal. I used different heights to show how people might feel when they compare themselves to others. No matter how different you feel in size compared to others, the outcome of taking the opportunity could be the same or even better as someone who you thought was on top. In other words, people need to stop comparing themselves to others and take that opportunity because the outcome could be unpredictable.

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