5 engineering websites you need to check out

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17 December 2015



Engadget describes itself as ‘the definitive guide to this connected life.’ Primarily a technology site, they also have a science section and feature articles on energy, smart devices and cars. If you’re interested in finding out about the latest devices and developments in the tech industry, visit www.engadget.com

The Engineer

The Engineer is one of the best places to find the latest developments in engineering. It covers many sectors, from aerospace to biomedical, and its articles are always detailed and informative. The main website is www.theengineer.co.uk and you can also find career advice on their student site www.theengineer.co.uk/students


Eureka is a design-focused engineering site, with articles on innovation, technology and engineering applications. If you’re interested in materials, design software and manufacturing, Eureka might be worth a look. www.eurekamagazine.co.uk

Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering seems to specialise in unusual developments in engineering, design and technology – today’s headlines include a mind-controlled robotic arm, 3D printed shoes and transforming furniture! Nevertheless, it makes for an interesting read and there is always something new to learn. Visit www.interestingengineering.com


If you’re looking for an alternative to many of the male-targeted tech sites out there, female-focused Gadgette is a bit different. Written exclusively by women, the site focuses on consumer technology, gaming and social media. We’ve found interesting reviews of phones and virtual reality devices, plus articles on inspirational women in tech. You can visit the site at www.gadgette.com. We also recently went to Gadgette’s first virtual reality event – click here to read our review.

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