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The QEPrize is looking for contributors with a penchant for discussing engineering in accessible language – capable of captivating a variety of audiences while exploring the intrinsic nature of engineering in global society.

Engineering is a global profession that affects billions of people every day, and yet a lot of the work of engineers often goes unnoticed. As such, we want to share the stories of those working to make the world (or a part of it) a better place through engineering. Whether this sounds like you or someone you know, or whether you also want to help promote the engineering profession, contact us using the form below.

Create the Future

Create the Future is a new engineering publication run by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (QEPrize), a £1 million accolade that celebrates ground-breaking engineering innovations of global benefit to humanity.

Create the Future brings together the expertise of journalists, academics, start-ups, and industry leaders; it highlights the engineers that propel society forward, explores the intersectionality of engineering with other disciplines, and investigates both current and future possibilities afforded by the world’s most fundamental profession. Engineering affects us all, and so the publication similarly aims to encourage discussion between people of all disciplines and backgrounds.

What we’re looking for:

Well-researched articles of around 1000-2000 words that balance colloquial and technical language. Articles should be digestible enough for the public to understand – or at least get a sense for – the content, but not so simple as to seem condescending and self-evident to those in the field.

All articles need to be accompanied by a high-resolution header image (and appropriate accreditation), as well as a biography for the author.

What we’re not looking for:

We do not publish articles that act as a direct source of marketing for a company, project, or product. However, we welcome the exploration of any engineering involved within a greater context of modern societal and engineering discourse. We also ask writers to refrain from using marketing buzzwords such as ‘game-changer’, ‘pioneering’, and ‘paradigm shift’ unless the subject of the article is justifiably deserving of them.

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