New Design Innovation Lab: Uniting art and technology

Illustration from the New Design Innovation Lab

1 December 2015


Throughout the month of December, we will be showcasing the work of the QEPrize donor companies. Today we have Tata Consultancy Services, who have an interesting new collaboration with the Royal College of Art.

QEPrize donor company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has partnered with the Royal College of Art to open a new Design Innovation Lab in London. The new lab will enable collaborations between the two organisations that address real-world problems in design thinking, technology and business.

The Lab opened on the RCA’s South Kensington campus in September 2015. It will host students on internships and researchers on sabbaticals, showcase exceptional work by RCA students, TCS clients and partners and hold workshops and industry events. The new Innovation Lab will bring together TCS’ technological insights with the RCA’s academic and research expertise, providing the perfect environment for testing and refining design ideas. Shankar Narayan, Country Head UK & Ireland, Tata Consultancy Services, identified the clear gains for TCS of involvement in the Lab. He said, “We have already seen first-hand the value what joint research projects with the RCA can bring and we are excited about the potential benefits that the TCS-RCA Design Innovation Lab will bring for TCS customers in the UK and elsewhere.”

Click here to find out more about the work of Tata Consultancy Services, and here for more information on the Royal College of Art. Stay tuned for the second in our Advent Calendar series tomorrow!

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