Jaz Rabadia - "Engineering is not just spanners and boiler suits"

Jaz Rabadia stands in-front of 4 elevators

14 December 2015


Jaz Rabadia is the Senior Manager of Energy & Initiatives at coffee chain Starbucks. In the second half of her interview with the QEPrize, she tells us more about her career in energy.

Last year you were awarded EY Energy UK Young Energy Professional 2014. Has receiving this award opened up any new opportunities to you?

Receiving this award was an amazing and humbling experience. More than anything it’s given me confidence in my abilities and my achievements to date, whilst raising the profile of what I do across a very diverse energy industry. It’s great to be recognised by my peers for my contribution to the energy sector.

Is your role creative?

For me, a career in engineering is less about what you do and more about how you think. It’s about being able to find solutions, get creative, have a logical approach and work in partnership with people. I love working in energy engineering as I see instantly the difference I am making to energy and water bills. The work that I do not only saves organizations costs but also makes them more environmentally responsible. My role requires me to have a creative approach to energy-saving solutions in a retail customer-focused environment.

Throughout your career so far, what has been your greatest inspiration?

In the last 10 years of my career, there have been some inspiring advances in engineering and technology that have helped to connect the world and make it a healthier, safer and exciting place. Engineering is all around us, the food we eat, the roads we travel and the jobs we do. I draw inspiration from everything that people take for granted; because I know somewhere an engineer was involved in making it happen!

Do you have any exciting plans for the future or particular ambitions within engineering?

I’m quite new to my role here at Starbucks and am very excited about what the future holds. The beauty of studying engineering is that it can take you anywhere! The skills you pick up are very transferable and particularly sought after. One thing I’d like to focus on in the next year is raising awareness of the opportunities within energy and inspiring the next generation of energy professionals.

What advice would you give to a young person considering a career in engineering?

Engineering is not just hammers, spanners and boiler suits. If problem solving, teamwork and creativity are what you want out of a career then engineering is for you. Particularly for young females, with less than 10% of engineers being women, there is a real gap to be filled. The UK has recognised the shortage of women in engineering roles and these businesses are crying out for good female engineers. The opportunities to get a job, grow and make a difference within engineering and energy are endless. To find about more about where roles in energy can take you, check out the hashtag #MyDayInEnergy on twitter. And for those working in energy, don’t forget to share with the world what your job involves using the hashtag, it may help to inspire the next wave of energy professionals.

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