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Image courtesy of Shell via AP Images.

30 May 2016


From 30 June until 3 July 2016, Shell’s Make the Future festival will be opening its doors to visitors in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Free to the public, the event will feature a host of virtual reality experiences, hands on science experiments and interactive activities, exploring what the future of energy could look like.

Alongside giving visitors the opportunity to join the conversation about the global energy challenge, the four-day festival of ideas and innovation will play host to the ultimate energy efficiency competition, the Shell Eco-Marathon.

Gathering at a specially designed track, more than 200 teams of students from all across Europe will compete to design and build the most energy efficient car they car. The aim of the race is not to break any land speed records, but to get each car as far as the teams can manage, using as little fuel as possible.

The current record for the Eco-Marathon stands at 3,771km; that is the equivalent of London to Rome, on just a single litre of petrol.

Also at the event this year will be the announcement of the national finalists of the Bright Ideas Challenge, taking home a prize of £5000 to super-size STEM at their school. The challenge, developed to support cross-curricular learning, will draw on topics and skills from each of the STEM subjects, as well as geography, English, design and technology and computing, and will see teams using problem solving and creative thinking to imagine an innovative solution to the energy challenges faced by future cities.

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