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How might engineering improve cancer outcomes in the next decade? What's the future of tech in hospitals? Why did fellow scientists laugh derisively when Moderna was developing their COVID-19 vaccine?

Roma Agrawal hosts two engineers have been key in fighting back against the recent pandemic: Professor Rebecca Shipley, and Dr. Robert Langer, co-founder of Moderna and recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering in 2015.

Episode Highlights

“When we announced the first clinical trials of the COVID vaccine The Boston Globe - my local newspaper - had a front page headline saying 'this is not how you do science'. And then my picture was right underneath it.”

“Anytime somebody comes up with ideas that might challenge conventional wisdom, a lot of people will tell them it can't work or it's wrong. Don't give up. Dream big dreams and hope you can do things that'll make a big difference in the world."

“mRNA vaccines are a great example of interdisciplinary teams. I mean that involved biologists, chemists, MDs, engineers, chemical engineers, material scientists, digitalisation. So there's many, many skills. And of course, I think the mRNA vaccines have helped change the world.”

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