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How should countries work together to solve global warming? How easily could the UK convert to solar energy ? If we already have all the tools we need, what is holding us back from embracing renewable energy systems?

Throwing some light onto this hugely important topic are regular host Roma Agrawal with Professor Andrew Blakers, one of the 2023 winners of the Queen Elizabeth Prize For Engineering for groundbreaking innovations in solar cell design.

Episode Highlights

"Global warming is one of the top problems facing humanity. And the solution to global warming is just sitting there waiting to be developed. We've got virtually everything we need to do the job and do it mostly by the early 2030s. We do not need to wait."

"There is widespread fear among people whose livelihoods depend on the existing system that they'll lose their jobs, or that they'll lose their status in society as a big oil company boss or whatever. There's other fears that if we allow lots of solar and wind energy into the system, the grid will collapse. And to these people, I say 'no'. Come and have a look at what's happening in Australia, we are showing that it's not hard.”

“Don't get depressed, get even. Some people get involved in political activism. And there's a very important place for that. Other people get involved in subversive things like inventing new solar and wind technologies. These are the sorts of professions that can lead to job satisfaction, both intellectually and morally."

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