Dr Robert Langer


Robert Langer

Dr Robert Langer is one of 8 Institute Professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); being an Institute Professor is the highest honour that can be awarded to a faculty member. He is a Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Laureate, recognised in 2015 for his revolutionary advances and leadership in engineering at the interface with chemistry and medicine.

He has written over 1,500 articles, which have been cited over 421,000 times; his h-index of 321 is the highest of any engineer in history and the third highest of any individual in any field. His patents have licensed or sublicensed to over 400 companies; he is a cofounder of a number of companies including Moderna.

Bob served as Chairman of the FDA’s Science Board (its highest advisory board) from 1999 to 2002. He is one of three living individuals to have received both the United States National Medal of Science (2006) and the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2011). He also received the 2002 Charles Stark Draper Prize and the 2008 Millennium Technology Prize.

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