Make your very own animation machine, called a zoetrope, with watchmaking duo Craig and Rebecca Struthers.

About Craig and Rebecca Struthers

Husband-and-wife watchmakers, Craig and Rebecca Struthers, specialise in the continuation of traditional watchmaking through the handmaking of parts, use of heritage tools and machinery, and by practising rare craft skills such as the making of watch cases from sheet precious metal.

They founded their first workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter in 2012. Supported by their resident workshop ‘watch dog’ Archie, the Struthers restore and repair old watches as well as designing and making their own. Craig is an Alumnus of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and Rebecca is a Sustainable Skills Ambassador for the Association of Heritage Engineers.


Twitter: @DrStruthers/@StruthersWatch

Instagram: @Rebecca_Struthers/@StruthersWatchmakers

Download zoetrope template

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