About Renée Watson

Renée is on a mission to give 1 million children a wonder-filled experience of science. Since founding her first business in 2008, she has raised £10 million+ for science-focused charities and won awards for leadership in business and STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths). In 2016 Renee launched The Curiosity Box, the UKs first STEM subscription, giving families and schools the tools they need to bring science to life through hands-on, real world activities.

Having grown up in a rural town where no-one she knew had been to University, and science was weird, especially for a girl, Renee is determined to create Wow! Moments for all. She’s constantly looking for new ways to disrupt preconceived ideas about the world of STEM and make it accessible and fun for ALL young people. In response to covid, Renée launched the Curiosity v COVID programme resulting in over 35,000 disadvantaged children across the UK receiving boxes of educational resources.

Renee is Entrepreneur in Residence at Oxford Brookes University and has been recognised by Melinda Gates’ as a woman in STEM to watch. She’s also a massive fan of touch rugby and has represented England at international level.

Website: www.curiosity-box.com

Twitter: @TheCuriosityBox

Instagram: @curiositybox_

Facebook: @mycuriositybox

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