Suze Kundu shows us how to make a delicious chocolatey treat that your friends and family will love.

About Dr Suze Kundu

Suze is a nanochemist, literally and professionally. From an early age, Suze was breaking things apart to find out how they worked - whether that was her Dad’s turntable needle, her Mum’s face creams, or her long-suffering Barbie dolls. Luckily for the great British public, Suze decided not to channel her curiosity into a career in medicine, instead choosing to focus on chemistry, to try and find the answers to all of her often quite literally burning questions.

Suze is fascinated about breaking down the building blocks of life into its fundamental components, and building them back up again, better than before – luckily science has enabled her to turn this destructive curiosity into a career. She has a BSc in Chemistry, a MSc in Analytical Chemistry and a PhD in Materials Chemistry from University College London. A passionate educator, she has also studied for a PGCE in Senior School Science, and an MEd in University Learning and Teaching while teaching at Imperial College London. After six years lecturing in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London and at the University of Surrey’s Chemical and Process Engineering Department, she is now the Head of Public Engagement at the technology company Digital Science, where she continues to research interesting topics within chemistry and materials science, but also the wider research landscape.

Suze is a cheerleader for greater diversity in science, and is also an experienced science communicator, delivering live shows and demo lectures, as a science presenter on the Discovery Channel, and as a science writer for Forbes. In her spare time Suze loves attending live gigs, especially of her favourite band Muse, and enjoys learning different styles of dance, having first started ballet classes at the age of three. Suze is a ‘pawrent’ to Faraday and Bellatrix, her two tuxedo kittens.

Twitter: @FunSizeSuze

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