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Be My Eyes Realises the Potential of Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired People

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 28 June 2018

Image of a visually impaired user using the Be My Eyes App to check the expiration date of an item

Following on from our recent article on SpecialEffect, we now turn to Be My Eyes, a company working on Assistive Technology developed to help visually impaired people. We hear about what they do, what a day in the life looks like for the team, and why they chose to interweave technology with the human connection.

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SpecialEffect creates unique solutions for gamers living with disabilities

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 26 June 2018

Image of Tom Clarke at SpecialEffect working with a client, Tom

In 2018, perceptions of engineers are highly favourable. Engineering is seen to be solving large-scale issues such as energy efficiency, climate change, building infrastructure, and sustainable agriculture. What’s more, engineers are considered highly valuable to the economy. However, while it’s often overlooked, we need to consider that engineering and technology also play a large role on an individual level – particularly for those living with a disability.

As an example of engineering’s effects on a more personal, individual level, we sat down with SpecialEffect, a company combining engineering with video games to create unique solutions for gamers living with disabilities.

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