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QEPrize Ambassadors give a call to action for engineering engagement

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 20 September 2017

Yesterday saw the QEPrize holding its very first annual QEPrize Engineering Ambassadors’ workshop.

Taking place at Prince Phillip House, we met young engineers from different organisations, disciplines and regions. The aim of the workshop was to explore the public perceptions of engineering. Is industry doing enough to engage the engineers of tomorrow?

QEPrize ambassadors are an international network of young engineers. Coming from both business and academia, they are the future leaders in engineering. With a passion engineering, they frequently engage in activities to promote STEM. Together, Ambassadors provide an influential voice to the engineering engagement community.

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How I got here: An interview with Orla Murphy

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 17 May 2017

Orla Murphy is a forward model quality engineer working in Jaguar Land Rover’s electrical quality team. This role looks at improving the quality of electrical components in current lines, as well as improving processes to design better quality electrical elements in future vehicles. Previously, Orla worked as an audio engineer, bringing together her love of science, maths and music to optimise the sound systems in Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicles.

Why did you first become interested in engineering?

I always enjoyed maths and science lessons at school – and was good at both subjects – so when I was 16, I entered the BT Young Scientist competition in Ireland. I really loved the experience of scientifically investigating a problem and coming up with a solution. It really sparked my interest in science and engineering as a future career option.

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Meet the trophy finalists!

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 30 January 2017

On Wednesday 1 February, we will be unveiling the winning design of the 2017 Create the Trophy competition. The top entry will then be 3D printed by BAE Systems and transformed into the iconic QEPrize trophy, to be presented to the winners of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering at Buckingham Palace later this year.

For the first time ever, this year’s contest was open to entries from all around the world, and we were blown away by the number and quality of the submissions. Entrants from 32 countries worldwide took part in the competition, giving the judges thousands of trophies to choose from. The expert panel of judges, led by Science Museum director Ian Blatchford, were then tasked with whittling the ten best designs down to just one winner.

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John Collins: An interview with an Ambassador

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 5 December 2016


QEPrize Ambassador John Collins talks to us about his achievements and challenges in civil engineering, and what it takes to get you to your goals.

I am responsible for…

Fixing bridges! More broadly, I am a civil engineer with Arup, working on bridges and other large structures to make sure they stay safe.

Civil engineers design, construct and manage our essential infrastructure, including transport, power, water and communications systems.

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Speeding up chemical reactions with directed evolution

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 30 November 2016


I never thought I would end up in a school like Caltech pursing a PhD in chemical engineering. When I was young, I wanted to become a medical doctor so that I could help people. It wasn’t until my last year of high school, when I started seriously considering my career path, that I realized all of the people I most wanted to be like were engineers. This realization spurred my decision to go into engineering, because I believed it would best allow me to solve complex problems and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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Create the Trophy returns to the QEPrize!

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 12 October 2016

The iconic trophy design competition returns to the QEPrize for 2017, and this time it’s international!  The competition has launched today with a brand new app, available to download on apple and android mobile devices.  For the first time ever, the Create the Trophy competition is open to young designers worldwide, and to a wider age range.

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Jennifer Leggett: QEPrize Create the Trophy Winner 2013

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 27 September 2016


Any secondary school student who thinks they are creative, who has an interest in maths and who wants to help find solutions to real world problems should think about a career in engineering. As a girl studying civil and structural engineering at the University of Sheffield, I often get asked the question: “Why did you choose engineering?”

The simple answer is that I was creative, I had an interest in maths, and I wanted to help find solutions to real world problems. I was lucky enough to find out that as a result of these qualities and traits, engineering would be a perfect career path for me.

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Mission: Fight Malaria Challenge 2016

  • Posted by QEPrize Admin
  • 22 September 2016

GSK’s Mission: Fight Malaria Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for students age 11-14 to work on a real-world global health issue and develop ideas and innovative solutions that could help to eradicate this disease. With cross-curricular links to design and technology, computing, art and design, citizenship and mathematics, the Challenge has something to suit all 11-14-year-olds. Plus, with fantastic prizes including an exclusive trip to GSK’s cutting-edge research facilities and £1500 worth of science museum vouchers, there are plenty of reasons to take part! The deadline for entering is 20th October – don’t miss out! Visit www.gskscienceeducation.com/challenges/ to find out more.

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