Rodosthenis Charalampous

Finalist: 2019 QEPrize Trophy

Rodosthenis Charalampous

My design borrows elements which stem from various engineering disciplines and also draws inspiration from The QEPrize logo.

When viewed from a top-down perspective, the shape resembles a three-blade propeller, a component that is associated with aerospace engineering and aeronautics. From the side, the beams ending with interconnected meshes, allude to the fundamental elements of structural and civil engineering. Furthermore, the centre columns help support three further beams which take inspiration from the letter “E” as depicted in The QEPrize logo.

As the beams move away from the centre, they become thinner and longer. This is to symbolise that over time within all engineering disciplines, knowledge tends to be focused on a narrower, more particular area. In my opinion, this is the most important feature of my design as radical inventions and great innovations occur when engineers concentrate their efforts on a specific domain.

All of the beams are aligned vertically under a common axis which resembles the overall goal of engineering: the creation and innovation of new technologies to make the world a better place. The trophy also points upwards symbolising our constant pursuit of excellence as engineers.

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