10 things you didn't know about Robert Langer

Dr Robert Langer superimposed within a medical rendering of hundreds of small floating geometric shapes. Text reads: '10 things you didn't know about Dr. Robert Langer'

Categories: QEPrize

7 May 2015


Dr Robert Langer is the winner of the 2015 QEPrize for engineering. Here are 10 interesting facts about him

1) He was track star in high school, and received a gold award for being top runner on the varsity track team

2) He loves chocolate – particularly dark chocolate

3) His love of chocolate won’t affect his figure any time soon: Bob exercises 2-4 hours a day when not travelling

4) His first 9 research grants got rejected

5) He has over 1000 issued and pending patents. Yes, 1000!

6) He is the most cited engineer in history, with an H index of 206

7) He has trained over 800 scientists and engineers, 300 of which are professors all over the world

8) He made his first polymer aged 11, in the basement of his house in Albany, New York

9) He has a very poor sense of direction and gets lost easily

10) After graduating, he got 20 job offers from oil companies – and rejected them all!

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