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23 May 2016


We use energy in almost everything we do. It powers our cars, our homes, our offices and our schools, just to name a few. Without it we would have no mobiles, Wi-Fi, cars, planes, computers. The list could go on and on.

Most of our energy still comes from shrinking resources such as coal, oil and gas. As the world population grows, we are digging, drilling and burning more than ever and this is having a negative impact on the environment. Finding clean and green ways to generate energy has never been more important; and that is where energy engineers come in.Energy engineers are crucial in the design of energy projects such as designing new wind farms, helping to make buildings more energy efficient, or even making an energy power plant more environmentally friendly.

Energy engineers help to make the world a more sustainable place to live, using problem solving, creativity, team work and engineering skills to minimize the impact we are having on the earth.

The UK is crying out for more skilled engineers to help meet its energy targets

Not many people know that careers in energy engineering exist. There is a real shortage of talented engineers entering the sector and the UK is crying out for more skilled engineers to help meet its energy targets.

The opportunities within energy engineering are endless. You can have a desk based role that involves legislation, policy, analysis and reporting, or you may prefer a field based working at the power plant and renewable energy sites. If you enjoy science, your energy future could be in a lab carrying our research and development, or if you want to see the world, you could be travelling internationally on energy efficiency project work. An energy engineering role can be as boardroom or as boiler room as you like.

If you want to make a difference, energy engineering is for you

The most satisfying element of an energy engineering role is that the difference you make can be seen almost instantly.

In the developed world, energy is something that we often take for granted, and yet there are still over a billion people in the world who don’t have access to electricity. Providing clean and affordable energy to these people will become ever more important over the coming years, and engineers are the ones to solve it.

Remember, if we sustain the world, only then will it be able to sustain us.

Throughout this week, we are encouraging engineers working in the energy industry to help us inspire the next generation by tweeting using the hashtag #MyDayInEnergy. Click on the link below for full guidelines.

Article by QEPrize Ambassador Jaz Rabadia MBE

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