Sarah Dorey: Why I love engineering

Portrait of Sarah Dorey

Categories: Transport

16 December 2015


Sarah Dorey, age 39, is a Harness Test Engineer at Nissan.

Sarah studied a Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic engineering diploma at Milton Keynes College and is currently studying for a degree in engineering through the Open University. Sarah spoke to the QEPrize about why she loves engineering.

I didn’t discover my passion or ability for engineering until very late when through the army I picked up a spanner and began training in vehicle mechanics. Since then I have just taken opportunities that have been offered to me with a keen enthusiasm to know more. I find engineering works my logical thinking and methods of working. Engineering is in every aspect of the world around us and by combining simple solutions we can create a whole new system, technology or product. Engineering is obtainable across all ages and genders and has a common language across nationalities. For the last year I have been working as a STEM ambassador on a project outside of work, and I have had the opportunity to share and work together with schools of all ages, at public events to inspire the next generation. Currently, my ambition is to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible, not just in the specific field of engineering but in as many areas as possible. I aim to do this by working on a wide variety of projects, travelling and studying.

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