Why I love engineering: Erinn Sapsford

A group of individuals stand amongst generators at an installation training site. A pylon rises up behind them.

Erinn pictured with colleagues at the National Grid Gas Installation training site, Eakring.

3 August 2015

Author: Erinn Sapsford


Erinn Sapsford is a Graduate Engineer at National Grid. Here, she explains why she loves engineering.

I love engineering as it is not just a standard job; I get the chance to fill my career with something I am passionate about. There is also significant support from other engineers. The engineering community is a diverse and strong group of people who have a genuine passion for what they do. I am tremendously proud of being an engineer as I have the opportunity to influence the future of engineering, which in itself is an assorted field of expertise.

Engineering environment

I have always loved problem-solving and thinking outside of the box, so when I started working in an engineering environment I was not disappointed. Being able to work with different engineers gives me the opportunity to continually expand my knowledge. Engineers are inquisitive and keen to help others develop themselves not just in engineering but also new technologies, innovation and management skills. The support I get from National Grid to develop myself as an engineer and professional is outstanding. The graduate scheme is co-ordinated to give us the best possible opportunities to explore the energy industry and enhance our engineering capabilities.


I have the chance to get involved in a variety of different engineering scenarios on a daily basis, varying from engineering-based decisions to hands-on training. I have had the opportunity to carry out pipeline inspections, gas monitoring, pressure calculations and other technical activities. This gives me the knowledge to understand our gas network and therefore make informed decisions which directly affect the performance and reliability of the network. I feel lucky to have completed a degree giving me the skills required to carry out a specialised job role.

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