Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering


QEPrize Nominations Launch Party 2016

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  • 14 June 2016

On 20th April 2016, QEPrize nominations were officially opened at a launch party at the iconic Design Museum in London. The event was attended by 250 engineers and QEPrize Ambassadors and featured an array of engineering demonstrations, including virtual reality experiences, 3D printing pens and football-playing robots.

To find out more about QEPrize nominations, visit qeprize.org/nominate.

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Robots: Faithful servants or existential threat?

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  • 6 June 2016

RAEng Robotics Week eventbrite image

Robotics and autonomous systems are generating an increasing number of benefits for our society. They are creating safer ways of tackling environmental disasters, improving efficiencies in agriculture and sparking innovation in how we deliver surgery and healthcare.

However, threats and risks exist. Hacking, cyber-attacks and security issues are challenging the protection of our personal data. It remains uncertain whether the roboticist, software engineer, retailer or user will be liable when things go wrong.

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Shell: Make the Future

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  • 30 May 2016

Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2011 In this handout image provided by Shell via AP Images, cars are lined up on the track for a group photo during registration day for the Shell Eco-marathon energy efficiency challenge at Sepang Internation Circuit in Sepang, Malaysia, Wednesday, July 6, 2011. Teams from all over Asia arrived for test day while their cars were put through technical and safety checks to make ready for the ensuing challenge. (Abdul ghani khan/Shell via AP Images

From 30 June until 3 July 2016, Shell’s Make the Future festival will be opening its doors to visitors in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Free to the public, the event will feature a host of virtual reality experiences, hands on science experiments and interactive activities, exploring what the future of energy could look like.

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A lesson in Innovation Design Engineering

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  • 25 April 2016


Guests at the QEPrize nominations launch with Litelok®, a new lightweight secure bike lock

Last week at a launch event to celebrate the opening of nominations for the 2017 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, the QEPrize team showcased the latest in Innovation Design Engineering.  Innovating new technologies, human-centred designs, sustainable innovation and social enterprise, Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) is an MA and MSc programme, run jointly by the Royal College of Art and Imperial College’s Dyson School of Design Engineering.

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The QEPrize Nominations Launch Party

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  • 22 April 2016


Wednesday evening saw the opening of nominations for the 2017 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering at the iconic Design Museum, London SE1. The buzzing reception was attended by more than 250 QEPrize Engineering Ambassadors, donor representatives and stakeholders, and hosted an exhibition of cutting edge engineering innovations.

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World’s top engineers call for protection of Research and Development funding

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  • 20 April 2016

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering judges and trustees call on world governments to protect education spend in order to produce next generation of engineers

Call comes as QEPrize opens 2017 winner nominations

judges and trustees collage

Some of the world’s leading engineers and business people  – all members of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering’s trustee board and judging panel – have penned a letter in The Times of London, calling on global governments to preserve education and Research and Development (R&D) spending across their respective countries.

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Inside the Institute of Making

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  • 16 March 2016

Rueben's Tube

Always on the look-out for weird and wonderful science ‘stuff’, we were of course drawn to UCL’s brilliantly titled Institute of Making.  Described as a ‘cross disciplinary research club’, the Institute is the brainchild of Mark Miodownik, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Zoe Laughlin and Martin Conreen.

When asked what engineering meant to him, Mark explained that it was more than just understanding how an object worked; it was taking that knowledge and applying it outside of the labs.  “It’s taking the scientific base, and making it in the world.  That’s how you make something wonderful, something really incredible.”

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RE.WORK Future Technology Summit – Day 2

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  • 9 October 2015

A showcase of future technology in the fields of 3D printing, energy, Artificial Intelligence and biomedicine

RE.WORK Future Technology Summit

Image by David Bird (Heisenberg Media)

Day two of the event began with a focus on start-ups, which interestingly featured 3D printing in multiple presentations. Charlotte Downs of Cinter introduced us to 3D Hubs, an innovative concept in which a community of 3D printer users is being formed. Their aim is to widen the reach of 3D printing and allow people to easily access a printer to create their designs. A lively presentation from Paul Croft of Ultimaker followed this, showcasing the myriad ways they are using 3D printers. I was pleased to take home my very own 3D printed robot keyring from the Ultimaker machine, but Paul made sure to emphasise the fact that 3D printing is not just about plastic gimmicks any more – the focus is on using the technology creatively to enhance people’s lives.

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