Hamish Livingstone is a chemical engineering graduate at GSK. Here, he explains to us why he loves engineering.

Hamish Livingstone

Making stuff!

The best part about being an engineer is that you are contributing to society by making or designing new stuff! Stuff that works better, or solves a problem in a new way, than what came before. This might mean it is safer, cheaper, more energy efficient, or simply fill a new niche. Engineering is about making real stuff!


To be an engineer is to bring cutting edge advances in science and technology to life. You must understand the underlying scientific principles of the area in which you are working and use them to design workable solutions.

Team spirit

At the heart of a project is a multidisciplinary team that must work together to achieve a shared goal. This brings an amazing sense of camaraderie as you work together to reach your target.


As an experienced engineer you will find your skills in demand around the world. The possibilities to travel as an engineer are wide open. This is a great opportunity to learn and work with diverse cultures, and the opportunity acquire new language skills.

Vital to society

Every day, engineers are tasked with solving problems which are vital to society. How do we provide the population with clean/safe drinking water? Reliable power supplies? Public transportation systems? Life saving medicines? Communication networks? User friendly software? The work of engineers results in improved quality of life for people around the world.