2024 QEPrize Trophy

Sunil Thakkar frame 000824

The 2024 Create the Trophy competition winner is Sunil Thakkar from India. His design was formed from simply wanting to produce a trophy that was simple and aesthetically pleasing. Sunil said "I first wanted to make it diamond shaped but ended up making this and I thought this would be a perfect shape for a trophy".

Nandan Ambure and Samiha Nasher's designs were awarded Highly Commended by the judges. Nandan's trophy was inspired by the imagery of a plant, emblematic of the fruitful results and prosperity stemming from the innovative endeavours of engineers. Samiha's trophy was inspired by how far women in STEM have come and, and the challenges they've faced to get there.

Sunil Thakkar

Designers aged 14-24 from across the world entered the 2024 Create the Trophy competition, creating incredible models using the QEPrize 3D Design Studio app. Our judges have chosen the ten most impressive designs to be this year's finalists, and you can see these below. Click on each design to find out more about the inspiration behind these incredible trophies.


Nandan Ambure frame 000898

Nandan Ambure

Adam Daly frame 000835

Adam Daly

Melissa Davies frame 000863

Melissa Davies

Deepanshu Garg frame 000858

Deepanshu Garg

Enxi trophy 002

Enxi Hong

Samiha Nasher frame 000847

Samiha Nasher

Sirinisa Satavorn frame 000839

Sirinisa Satavorn

Kayla Taqiya frame 000848

Kayla Taqiya

Sunil Thakkar frame 000824

Sunil Thakkar

John Williams trophy for website 2024

John Williams