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1 February 2018


The QEPrize has often put a spotlight on technological innovations, with the creators of the Internet and the World Wide Web receiving the award in 2013, and the inventors of the digital imaging sensor taking the prize last year. These two pivotal developments in technology have truly changed the way people communicate all over the world. The impacts of the technologies have also transformed many industries, from entertainment, to education, science and medicine.

Last year’s Create the Future report revealed the vast scale of the impact of technological innovations on society. Respondents from 10 countries picked computers and the internet as the most important innovations in the last 100 years, with artificial intelligence and robotics following closely behind. However, although people recognised AI and robotics as important, they did not necessarily see them as relevant to their daily lives.

Juergen Maier, Chief Executive, Siemens UK, is confident that these new technologies will play an important role in advancing modern society: “The explosion of digitalisation is already transforming industrial production and new skilled engineering jobs are being created. To keep up with the fourth ‘digital’ industrial revolution and to drive it forwards, Siemens and other businesses are advocating businesses both small and large, embrace Industry 4.0 – from the internet of things to robotics – upskill their employees, invest in innovation and inspire young people to pursue careers in the industry.

“We will continue to do what it takes to innovate, educate and motivate more people to get involved in the amazing world of digital engineering and take leadership for this fourth industrial revolution.”Throughout February, we’ll be exploring all things technology: past, present and future. Virtual Umbrella will be walking us through the changing landscape of the gaming industry, looking at how immersive technologies are transforming the way we play.

We’ll also be hearing from 2013 QEPrize recipient Dr Vint Cerf about what he’s been working on since winning the prize, and what technologies he believes could change the world in the future.

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