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Podcast 3

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16 July 2019


Create the Future

Engineering is everywhere. From nanotechnology and the Internet of Things to autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and even your morning cup of coffee – engineering shapes the world around us. Engineers launched us forward from our first use of tools to an era of space exploration, and they will play a central role in solving the challenges of our future. Create the Future explores the wonderful world of skill, creativity, and innovation that is engineering, and highlights how engineers impact our lives each and every day. Hosted by Sue Nelson, each episode will look into a different area of engineering and bring together the knowledge, experiences, and ideas of both industry experts and young professionals.

The Create the Future Podcast is available to listen on:

The world around us

“There is nothing uncreative about engineering; there’s nothing uncreative about taking an idea and making it into something that is useful for people. It is an act of creation, and it happens in millions of different ways every day. People need to think of themselves as creative, because they are.”

In our inaugural episode, we talk with Lord Browne of Madingley, Chair of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, about the profound impact that engineering has, and continues to have, on the world around us. In the next episode – Moon landing and Mars rovers: our forays into space – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, we talk with Apollo engineer David Baker and then walk on the surface Mars with Airbus ExoMars rover engineer Abbie Hutty. Stay tuned as the podcast goes live on the platform of your choice.

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