What's in store: The future of the internet

Robothespian, an illuminated human-sized robot with LCD eyes and a camera in its chest stands in-front of a large window at dusk. The skyline of London is illuminated in the distance.

Categories: Technology

11 March 2014


The last 25 years have seen an explosion in the way we use technology, catalysed by the Internet and the World Wide Web. But how will we be celebrating the 50th anniversary? There is no doubt that both the Internet and web will continue to develop and it is likely that even 10 years from now we will be immersed in a technology that has countless new uses and quirks. QEPrize winner, Vint Cerf, one of the inventors of the Internet said, 'We're not exactly in front of technology, we're behind it... except for maybe the science fiction writers'.

Currently, around 3 billion people have access to the Internet and web. Over the next 25 years, giving the rest of the world's population access to computers with which they can access the web, will be a priority. It is also evident that an increasing number of people are getting online through mobile phones and tablets. As these electronic devices become cheaper, and a number of countries start bypassing traditional development by adopting mobile phones instead of telephone infrastructure and tablets instead of desktop computers, the web will become universally accessible. Together, these technologies provide an opportunity to accelerate economic progress and contribute massively to global well-being. What are your predictions for the future of the World Wide Web in the next 20 years? Let us know on twitter @QEPrize

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