Why I love engineering: David Sobell

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10 August 2015

Author: David Sobell


David Sobell is a chemical engineering graduate at GSK. In this post, he explains what it is that he loves about engineering.

Constant learning

Whether it is a new process or piece of equipment or technique to get something working, I am constantly learning every day and have been for the 4 years I have worked as an engineer. This includes the improvement opportunities my company offer and their commitment to my development. I believe staying an active learner with a curious mindset is the key to being compassionate and happy.

Constant problem solving

The feeling of getting a process up and running again after it has gone offline is fantastic. Knowing that you may have helped save someone’s life by ensuring the supply of a life-saving drug fills you with pride in what you and your colleagues do every day. The immediate feedback from fixing something is great as well in ensuring you stay motivated in what you do.

Constant opportunities

I have worked with producing many products, from explosive chemicals to creams to antibiotics to toothpaste. Each different product has its own process and peculiarities and the fun in learning all this is unquantifiable. Also, engineering is a global discipline and I am living in Rio de Janeiro now where I am growing from the diverse culture and language learning I am undertaking.

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