2023 QEPrize Trophy

J Anja Brandl

The 2023 Create the Trophy competition winner is Anja Brandl from Switzerland. Her design is inspired by integrated circuits which are highly complex devices consisting of billions of small, interconnected transistors. They can be found everywhere in our phones, computers and medical devices and are responsible for modern communication such as the internet.

Anja said "in my design, I tried to capture the beauty of an integrated circuit in an abstract manner". She wanted her design to consist of simple structures that combine together to result in a complex system. The inner cube represents the core of the circuit - basically the 'brain' of the system - with the lines radiating out connecting it the outside world allowing interactions with the environment.

Elisa Ferrari's design was awarded Highly Commended by the judges. Her trophy is inspired by the symmetry found in chemistry, where many different atoms can be combined into many complex and regular molecules.

Anja Brandl landscape

This year, thousands of designers aged 14-24 entered the Create the Trophy competition from across the world, creating incredible designs using the QEPrize 3D design app. The ten most impressive designs were picked as finalists, which can be seen below. Click on each design to find out more about its design inspiration.


A Ricky Dinesh Rodrigues

Ricky Dinesh Rodrigues

B Elisa Ferrari

Elisa Ferrari

C Reece Grosch

Reece Grosch
South Africa

J Anja Brandl

Anja Brandl

I Joan Iyere

Joan Iyere

H Eleftheria Walzer

Eleftheria Walzer

G Botshelo Mokena

Botshelo Mokena
South Africa

F John Williams

John Williams

E Ananya Rohatgi

Ananya Rohatgi

D Abhishek Kumar Patra

Abhishek Kumar Patra